Ambar Aleman: A Toronto for all women and girls

Imagine a city where young women and girls had equal opportunities to thrive. A city where women and girls’ energy, skills, resources, intelligence and passions were fostered through equitable programs, structures, institutions and systems that addressed key social issues facing women and girls everywhere. That’s the Toronto that I work towards because women and girls’ rights are at the centre of socioeconomic and political change everywhere.

When the disparity between gender minimizes, systemic and institutionalized oppressions decrease and our Toronto has so much potential to accomplish and unravel. I’m committed to an inclusive Toronto where women and girls’ full and equal participation in society is normalized and is part of our core fundamental values.

Imagine Toronto, a progressive and champion city that supports women and girls from diverse communities and backgrounds and addresses the intersectional links between all forms of oppressions. A Toronto where all its residents work towards the elimination of systemic barriers to end violence, poverty, gender inequality, racism, housing, homelessness so that we can all have a better tomorrow. This is the Toronto that I not only imagine but that is being realized through the thousands of individual and collective efforts happening every moment our city breathes.

My vision for Toronto is one where social justice is promoted and fully sustained by its entire people. Just imagine: our city, our home, our Toronto.

Ambar Aleman has been actively involved in social justice and young women activism since her early 20s.  As part of her work, Amber leads the development of national girls and young women’s leadership programming and coordinates advocacy initiatives and public policy research.  Amber is a young feminist passionate about politics, culture and languages, civic engagement, youth leadership, traveling and personal finance.