Going global to embrace local

Game-changers. They’re often necessary and certainly, transformative. They can make what may appear big —small, what’s complicated—easy and what’s global —local.

Closeup on a group of five young children leaning into the camera

That’s why at United Way, we’ve decided to get more deeply local with a global, mission-driven, digital platform: Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud (SPC), a change that will enhance what we do best, and that’s bringing people together to solve local issues.

Because like you, we believe community matters.

This is why we’ve partnered with Salesforce.org.

We’ve heard first-hand that you love your neighbourhoods—from Malvern to Mississauga, from Gerrard to Georgina—and you care about local issues. You’re passionate about unignorable problems like growing income inequality, poverty, and a labour market that isn’t providing a clear path to opportunity and good-paying jobs. We understand too that you want to be part of the change that makes the neighbourhood you live and work in a thriving, happy place.

SPC places you and what you care about most front-and-centre, provides more options at your fingertips, and allows you to personalize how and where you choose to give your support.

Now, you’ll be able to take action with just one click. SPC will help everyone—from donors to volunteers to community partners—to easily connect with each other, share inspiring content, and create a powerful network of change-makers, all working together to tackle local poverty.

Sometimes you have to go really big to get really small.

Find out more about SPC and and if it’s right for your workplace here.