Hey you…wanna get engaged?

Vision. Idea. Action. Let's get engaged to make Toronto the best city it can be.

Vision. Idea. Action. Let’s get engaged to make Toronto the best city it can be.

Here’s your chance to get engaged…with our city! For the first-time-ever, Toronto is hosting 100 in 1 Day, a festival of civic engagement with a presence in 13 cities around the world.

Together with Evergreen CityWorks, we’re inviting every Torontonian to get creative and submit an act of urban change or intervention for making Toronto the best city it can be.

Whether you’re thinking about choreographing a community dance to promote a youth organization like they did in Cape Town or addressing pedestrian safety by transforming a crosswalk like they did in Montreal, starting a community garden, hosting a music workshop or connecting with neighbours by inviting them for a tour of your eco-friendly home — your idea — completely new or based on an existing initiative — is welcome. It just has to take place on June 7, 2014.

We are looking for 100 interventions from individuals, community groups or organizations to be part of the day-long city-wide festival.

So, get involved:

  • Register your idea/intervention.
  • Spread the word about 100 in 1 Day via Twitter (#100in1day), Facebook and in-person (even at your own dinner table!) to get people in your network to register an idea/intervention.
  • Join us on June 7 and experience the transformation of our city through 100 citizen-driven interventions.

Not convinced yet? By contributing an intervention, you’ll have an opportunity to share out an existing idea or test out a new one that you are passionate about and have it profiled as part of a big day for city building. It could also be selected as one of three interventions which the Toronto Community Foundation will contribute $10,000 to developing. Evergreen CityWorks will also contribute non-financial support to the long-term feasibility of the idea.

Come on Toronto. Let’s get engaged! Starting now.


Guest blogger, Tina Edan.

Thanks to our guest blogger, Tina Edan! She’s part of the United Way team and has worked on leadership, storytelling and advocacy initiatives in the non-profit sector for fifteen years. She believes all Torontonians have a role to play in telling the story of our city.