Jeffrey Staples: The sky’s the limit

When you walk along the streets of Toronto, or drive along the Gardiner Expressway, one word comes to mind, growth. The city is rapidly expanding north, east, south and west, and when you look up; it even stretches towards the sky.

Toronto is a unique cultural centre for Canada. The streets of Chinatown bring tastes of the Orient, the cheers from Little Italy erupt in soccer season, and who can resist some window shopping along Queen Street West.

Imagining how Toronto can be better requires looking at what it is doing right. The key to Toronto’s success has been embracing all the little communities that come together to make it whole. When we value and nurture individuals they thrive, when we help and support a neighbourhood they thrive, and when we interact and learn from everyone’s experiences we all thrive. Toronto can be a world example in showing how acceptance and freedom can allow the seeds of every person to blossom into healthy mixture of ideas and attitudes.

I imagine for Toronto a streetcar ride laughing with a stranger from India. I imagine for Toronto a jog through High Park with a friend from Spain. I imagine for Toronto a cooking class run by a family from Kenya. Organizations like United Way enable every person to reach for their opportunity to make Toronto a better place to live. When we all work together, the sky’s the limit.