Joanna Diorio: Give a little respect

I am proud to be a Torontonian. Having travelled to many cities across the globe, there isn’t one that I feel more at home in.

That being said, I imagine more for Toronto. More green space, more support services for at-risk youth, more affordable housing, more efficient public transit.

When it really comes down to it, I imagine more respect. I imagine everyone getting off the streetcar saying thank you to the driver. I imagine making eye contact and smiling to the business woman on Bay Street and the young man getting off the subway at Wilson station.

It’s not that hard to imagine…but it does take each and every citizen’s commitment to respect one another and take responsibility for their actions. It’s the little things that count.

Joanna Diorio is a young professional, community volunteer and true patriot.

2 thoughts on “Joanna Diorio: Give a little respect

  1. So true, Joanna. When we make personal connections with people–even something as small as making eye contact–it changes something and we’re no longer strangers. And when we’re friends and neighbours, we’re more likely to reach out a hand to support one another when times are tough. Thanks for your great post.

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