Kyla Kelley: Stepping out of our comfort zones

I imagine a city where we are not afraid to support each other.

I imagine a city where streetcar riders will not uneasily look the other way as a group of teenagers verbally taunt a fellow passenger.

I imagine a city where others will join me as I challenge the group of youngsters to show respect to all people, rather than avert their eyes and bury deeper in their phones and papers as they do now.

I imagine a city where the taunted man will sit up straight and thank me, rather than looking down and telling me not to bother supporting him, that “it’s really not a big deal”.

I imagine a city where we are brave enough to admit it IS a big deal, and to actually do something about it – not by blogging and commiserating in the safety of our peer groups, but by actually acting when these situations present themselves.

I imagine a city where all citizens are proud to step out of their comfort zones and support each other at EACH and EVERY opportunity.

Kyla Kelly is a married mother of one and expecting her second. She works in downtown Toronto and used to live in Roncesvalles but chose to leave Toronto when she started a family. Why? She felt she couldn’t afford to buy a home in a neighbourhood which felt safe for her family and where neighbours would look out for one another.