Samuel Getachew: My commitment to Toronto

I do not like big mega cities however Toronto is an exception. It is a city with a heart. Is it perfect? If it was – I do not think I would have moved to this beautiful city.

I moved to Toronto and in its imperfection, I created a role for me as an activist and citizen. I moved to Toronto to be closer to the action and also play a role in its shortcomings.

The rebuilding of all our communities, the fulfillment of the promise of all of our citizens and the viability of our newest immigrants to play a role in the direction of OUR Toronto is a role I have played over the years. It is a citizenship role that has given me more than I have given in.

I envision a Toronto – that no longer needs “priority neighborhoods” but find all our neighborhoods priorities. I dream of a Toronto where young people are welcome in the political direction of our city. This is an ambitious destination I want my city to arrive in – sooner than later.

I envision my city as a place where we respect the determination of our elders to still play a role and enrich us with their wisdom.

Is Toronto perfect? I am playing a role to make it more perfect.

That is my commitment to Toronto.

Samuel Getachew is a Toronto activist. He is a regular blogger with The Huffington Post,, TZTA and Generation Next newspapers.

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