Snapshot: Say cheese! 3 of our fave Rat Race pics

The 16th annual Scotiabank Rat Race for United Way is just around the corner. We dug into our photo archives and picked three of our favourite images from this 5K fun run.

2002RatRacephoto 1. This oldie but goodie is from 2002, the year after United Way’s inaugural Rat Race in 2001. Back in the day, the event was attended primarily by members of Bay Street’s finance community as a way to burn off some post-tax season stress. In this shot, runners dressed in their Bay Street best scurry through the streets of downtown Toronto toting cardboard briefcases. Today, the race features nearly 2,000 runners/walkers from more than 166 workplaces across the GTA.

Bensimon Byrne - Rat Race Ad - 2006

2. How’s this for a cheesy idea? We love this 2006 Rat Race promo poster featuring a runner on a life-sized hamster wheel getting ready for the big event. Ready, set, scurry!

PaperRat3. Origami rats, anyone? In 2007, we created these raaatterrific cut-outs as a promotion for the race. Cubicles across the city were ‘infested’ with these life-like rodents generating lots of buzz about the event.


4. Bonus shot! We love our volunteers…and Aggie is no exception. She’s been volunteering for the Scotiabank Rat Race for United Way for many years. In fact, she’s one of approximately 350 awesome volunteers who sign up every year to help out at the event, stepping in as cheerleaders, race ambassadors and time chip distributors.

It’s not too late to sign up for this year’s event! Scurry on over to our registration page and show your community how much you care!