A holiday gift to Ontario workers

Ten months ago, United Way shone a spotlight on the troubling reality of precarious employment. We knew that the labour market had changed dramatically in just a few short decades. Our report revealed that close to 40 percent of residents working in the Toronto and Hamilton area work in jobs without benefits or long-term stability.

We had to act. So we invited our partners and Torontonians to join us in a growing conversation about the issue, and identify ways we can work together to tackle it.

Today we’re pleased to see that the Government of Ontario has responded to our call for action. They’ve tabled legislation offering increased protection for precarious workers, meaning that important Employment Standards concerns will be addressed, making a vital difference for a growing number of workers and their families.

Alongside these important legislative changes, Minister of Labour Yasir Naqvi announced last week that the province will fulfill its 2008 Poverty Reduction Strategy commitment to invest $10 million of new funding into employment-standards enforcement.

This all comes as welcome news for individuals, families and our community. We encourage each and every one of you to continue to work with us in pushing for more progress in the area of employment security.