The Top 5 stories that warmed our hearts


We live in a great city. A city known for its cultural diversity and the welcoming, generous spirit of its residents. A city rich in possibility for everyone who lives here.

As 2014 draws to a close, we thought we’d take the opportunity to compile some of the most heartwarming videos, stories and pictures that tugged at our heartstrings and made us all grateful to call Toronto home.

ImogenphotoA LITTLE LEMONADE STAND WITH BIG HEART: We couldn’t help but be inspired when a seven-year-old Toronto girl named Imogen and her Dad dropped by our offices last September to surprise us with a $75 donation to United Way. Imogen wanted to do something for her city, so she set up a 25-cents-a-glass lemonade stand to raise money for individuals living in poverty. That’s a lot of lemonade! But more importantly, it’s also a pretty enormous gesture of kindness from such a pint-sized fundraiser-in-training.

2014 LFP

Photo credit: Lindsay Foster Photography

THE PRIDE OF PARENTHOOD: This breathtaking photo of two Toronto fathers holding their baby boy for the first time took the Internet by storm when it went viral last June. Little Milo was born to a surrogate mother during last summer’s WorldPride festival. “This is a moment of pure love and acceptance. Milo is surrounded by unconditional love and he will grow up knowing many different types of families and accept everyone. Love has no colour nor gender nor sexual preference. Love is unconditional,” wrote Milo’s dads, both Toronto teachers, in a Facebook post on birth photographer, Lindsay Foster’s Facebook page. A beautiful celebration of all types of love.


A team of Nahom’s Access Alliance colleagues climbed the CN Tower in his honour.

STEPPING UP FOR A LOCAL HERO: Last September, we lost our dear friend Nahom Berhane to a tragic act of violence. Nahom was a dedicated youth leader and passionate community builder who worked at United Way Toronto’s Access Point on Danforth Community Hub. The beloved father-of-two was well known in Toronto’s Eritrean community and was also a graduate of CITY Leaders, a leadership development program for young people working and volunteering in the city’s social services sector. The impact of Nahom’s remarkable contribution to his community continues to live on. This past October, a group of his Access Alliance colleagues delivered a touching tribute to their fallen friend by climbing the CN Tower for United Way in his honour.

triplets (2)

Photo courtesy of CTV News

THREE BABIES, TWO CITIES, ONE HEARTFELT RESPONSE: We’ve always known that Toronto is made of good stuff. So it’s no surprise that Torontonians rallied in support of three triplet boys from Edmonton who were born with a rare form of eye cancer. Every couple of weeks, this adorable trio and their parents travel to the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto where the boys receive treatment. After the family reached out on their blog for help, Torontonians answered their call: offering financial support, a place to stay and even babysitting help. “The support we received really brought us back up,” the triplets’ Mom told CTV. One heartfelt response for three very deserving little tots.

PAYING IT FORWARD: And finally…a nod to our incredible workplace partner, TD Bank, who made a heartfelt investment in the communities it serves with its inspirational #MakeTodayMatter campaign. The idea? To spread out 24 acts of kindness over 24 days in 24 different communities in Toronto—and across North America.