We want to hear from you

Over the past few weeks on the blog, you’ve been talking about what you imagine for our city. It’s an important conversation for us as at United Way Toronto. Why? Because we’ve been having similar conversastions ourselves while developing our new strategic plan that will be issued in 2013/14.

This new plan will guide us through the next five years in our work to realize the city we all imagine. As we develop it, we are turning to the community and people like you to help us understand the trends and opportunities that our plan should address, as well as whether or not our current priorities are still relevant.

As someone who is committed to city-building, we want to invite you to be an important part of this strategic planning process. A short, online survey is now available for you to give us feedback on what you believe are the most pressing social challenges for Toronto today and which ones United Way Toronto should work to address in the years ahead.

The survey should only take about 15 minutes. Tell us what you imagine for our city and how you think we can work together to make that city a reality.

Take a moment, take our survey and be a part of the next five years of city building!