What makes Toronto such a great city

Different experiences, cultures, and worldviews are what make Toronto such a great city. They help to shape the social fabric of our city and make our society stronger.

I think that’s why I found Tahir’s story so compelling. It’s worrying that with so much talent and experience to offer our country and community, newcomers like him continue to find it difficult to meet their full potential.

In my job, I meet many people like Tahir; people with similar stories and challenges. I think everyone has. They come here with a lot to offer and hearts full of hope for a better life, but get stuck in low-paying jobs beneath their skills level, eventually giving up on their dreams.

You’ll be able to read more about what precarious employment — part-time, contract, low-paying work — means for our community in next week’s post by Wayne Lewchuk, who is leading the Poverty and Employment Precarity in Southern Ontario research group. He’ll talk about the importance of jobs with a future, for newcomers and for everyone.

What I find particularly tough is that so many newcomers who have precarious jobs are parents hoping to improve life for their children and families. Often their children find success, but it seems unfair that one generation must give up so much to allow the next to thrive.

The good news is there are exceptions. Jehad, our guest blogger for this week, is a great example of someone who came to Canada from another country, overcame some of the barriers faced by his peers, and is now giving back to our community in a meaningful and powerful way.

People like Jehad remind me why United Way — and organizations like Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office — continue to work to create the opportunities newcomers need to, as he put it, be “connected, included and successful.”

I’ve also started to see the progress that newcomer youth are making — these second and third generations have really found their voice and footing as drivers of change.

Last week, I was at an event where youth from across our city were excited to participate in dialogue. When I walked into the room I was struck by the incredible diversity of the group and I thought to myself: this is Toronto.

Their insights, opinions and engagement with our community were truly inspiring. And after the fulsome and valuable discussions they had, I am looking forward to seeing where these young leaders will take us.

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  1. It is great that young people want to my away of life in canada and i am so glad that we will the world change for the better but i feel that there should be room for people that are not from other countriesand not just youth but people that have worked there hole lives to talk care of there famlies and lost there jobs and have know where to turn if you walk the streets of toronto all the homeless people dont want that way of life there is some that dont want the help and there is some that what help but are to scared to ask for it or they just dont now how i dont want to come off as being racist because i am not and that is not me but we seem to for get it is not only new comers that are struggling there is techers doctors people that had going paying jobs who not only lost the jobs they lost there famlies and there out look on life or they have turned to drugs like i did and i was so lucky to find the help i needed to get back up on my feet i am not going to lie i am still struggling everyday but once you get that taste of life to have a reason to carry on i fell then you have abite of hope with out the united way our country would be lost you guys are so amazing and i feel that the goverment should fund you guys know matter what it takes and i just want to thank you for everything you have done to help all the people you have

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