Will you step UP for Community?

On November 24 and November 25, 2018, thousands of people from across the GTA will show their local love by participating in UP 2018, the CN Tower Climb for United Way.

Man holding hands in shape of heart with CN Tower in them

If you’re one of those intrepid climbers, or if you’d like to register to join them, we wanted to put this monumental community challenge into context with some fun facts from the climb over the years.

A tall challenge

The CN Tower stands a whopping 553 metres tall (which is 1,815 ft, or almost 11 times taller than Niagara Falls!). Though climb participants won’t have to scale all 553 meters of the tower, they will have to make it up 1,776 steps to the top.

The time to beat

Though the average climber takes about 30 minutes to reach the top, the teams who take the challenge can get pretty competitive. However, if you’re looking to beat the record for fastest climb, you’ll need to be ready to tackle the tower at a speed of roughly four steps a second! That’s about 222 steps a minute, and it’s the pace that was set by Brendan Keenoy, a police officer. He completed the climb in a swift seven minutes and 52 seconds back in 1989, and his record has stood unchallenged ever since.

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41 years of local love

Participants have been stepping #UPforCommunity for 41 years, having started just one year after the tower opened in 1976. Over those four decades of CN tower climbs, more than 251,665 people have taken on the challenge, and they’ve been supported by thousands of volunteers. Their combined charitable efforts have raised more than $31 million to build brighter futures for individuals and families in Peel, Toronto and York Region.

To be a part of this lofty legacy, step up for community and register today for the UP 2018 CN Tower Climb for United way.